Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The new artisan

Yesterday I went to PRIDCO, and registered to be an "official" artisan. This means I now have to register with Hacienda (tax purposes) [8-(] , and I get to go to the artisan fairs that are offered throughout the island. Cool. I met a new friend there, also. A girl from Bayamon who also knits & crochets. Her works are gorgeous!! And she's only been doing it for a year. Wow! That's talent! So today I continue knitting some berets, and I have to begin with the blanket I'm going to give to a church friend on her wedding. Today the weather is nice. It started out as a crisp 66 degrees Farenheit. Now it is 11:30 a.m., and it is already 86. I hope it doesn't get any warmer. Take care.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Good news & bad...

Hello, all; As a way of good news, I have to say that yesterday, Sunday, I was able to participate in half of the Sacrament Meeting and bear my testimony. You see, for the last couple of months, I haven't been able to get out of the house in time to reach Sacrament Mtng. Yesterday my mom ate faster, & didn't take as loooong, so I was able to leave the house at 9:20 (+/-)a.m. SM begins at 9 o'clock, so it was cool. The bad news, is that my baby hen died this morning. Yesterday she was all perky and fine during the day, and as I went to feed the sheep, she followed me fine, but then she got gloomy, my husband noticed she wasn't eating, I took her home with me, put her in a box with some water, and this morning she was dead...8-( My baby hen... So, anyway, today I have to buy some more corn, take my mom out for a ride, and plant some more seeds, plus dehydrate some basil. See ya!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello; So I've decided to use this blog as a journal too. You see, we've been counseled by the Church that we should keep a journal (diary) as a way of preserving family history. I am a lousy diary keeper. But I was thinking, since I enjoy sitting in front of the computer, I might as well turn this into my journal. So...welcome to my blog/journal!!!! As a way of introducing myself, I'll just say I'm Puerto Rican born & bred. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for over 30 years. I'm married, have a kid, and enjoy reading, knitting, crocheting, farming, and now blogging. 8-) I've been knitting & crocheting for almost three years now. I taught myself to do both, although I remember my mom trying to teach me to chain stitch & double crochet when I was a child. It didn't take, though, but I remembered how to chain stitch, so that was my beginning. As for my current knitting/crocheting I am preparing for evaluation to become a "certified" artisan in Puerto Rico. This means, they have to see my work, interview me, see if the work is worth selling, and then they "certify" me. This means that I get registered with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO), and they invite me to all their public activities where artisans go. So.... I've been knitting baby clothes, hats, bookmarks, and crocheting the same, plus other thingies that I consider to be "novelties", and that not every other artisan/crocheter presents here in Puerto Rico. I have been making scrubbies ( for doing the dishes), hair bows, berets, fingerless mittens, and other unusual products. Granted, I get the ideas from patterns online, but then I alter them to my heart's content so I can sell them without infringing into anyone's copyrights. Soon I will update with pictures, etc. I have to go now, because I have to go feed my sheep & chickens, plus maybe plant some seeds and do some laundry. 8-)