Wednesday, February 23, 2011


That's exactly how the world seems right now. I know I haven't blogged in a long time. However, here I am once again, trying to think what to say.
Things around the world have suddenly turned violent; both in humanity and in nature. You have the winter weather here in the States, heat waves in South America, then you have Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, and I can go on and on...oh! I just got the breaking news from CNN about the barrel of oil hitting $100.
Things are not looking good. As a matter of fact, they will get even worse BEFORE they get any better. So I have to ask; Are YOU ready? For anything?
By "ready" I mean, do you have food stored in case you lose your job or some natural disaster happens? Do you have money stashed away for the same reasons? Do you have a small garden in which you can plant some veggies?
Some people think this way of thinking is too "gloom & doom"...well, IT IS!! Life is not getting any cheaper with higher food prices, gas, electricity, etc. The time for preparedness is, well, almost over. I want to encourage you to, as I said, store food, tons of water, medicines, first aid stuff, money, some fuel... because it will not be a matter of "if", but "WHEN".
I am giving you some links to help you get started. Please do SOMETHING! Even an extra box of macaroni is something...

These are only a few, just Google "emergency preparedness", or any similar words, and you'll find zillions of links. Read them, and may you find peace knowing that you are ready.