Planting and Harvesting

 They grow up so fast!
These pics were taken a week later from the previous post. The plants have grown so fast, it's almost magical! 

Chinese Cabbage

 The following were taken a week later; on the 28 of April. Can you see the difference in sizes? I sure can!

 More from the 28th.
New! Tomato plants

The lettuce keeps growing.

 Next week, in May

These cilantro don't seem to be growing much, but at least they aren't dead!

Look how big the cucumber plants are! 8-)
 The two banana plants that have fruit...
And now from May 13.

The lettuce thinks it's a race!

And the green onions keep extending their legs. 8-)

Josefina watching from her vantage point.

Jamonilla (left) and Tocino (right) supervising.

The soil garden, eggplant, sweet peppers, and green onions. See the round flowers on the green onions?
 See you next time! 8-)

In the Middle of...
 Here I will post pictures of our attempts to produce food from the land. My hubby and I have been working on creating an aquaponics system for almost a year now, and just last week we were finally able to get some tilapia and plant something on the grow beds. All we have done we have learned by reading tons of online sites, so, don't think we know anything about this. 8-)
Assortment of tilapia brought home on April 12, 2014

A yellow tilapia, for good luck! 8-)

Tiny tilapia. Let's get growing!

Jamonilla inspecting the process.


Chinese cabbage

More cucumber

Cucumber a week later! Wow!

These look more or less the same, but they have grown!

 I will add more pictures of the other plants we have on soil. See you then.

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