Sundays at Church...

November 7, 2010
Baby presentation and blessing; Lia Anerys Adorno Ortiz; daughter of Barbara Ortiz and Bryan Adorno
Testimonies shared by:
·        Bro. Max Pérez
·        Br. Pablo Montañez
·        Br. Manuel Hernández
·        Ss. Nydia Irizarry
·        Me
·        Ss. Omayra Alvarado
·        Ss. Virginia Santiago
·        Br. Marcos Linares
November 14, 2010
Talks given by:
·        Ss. Omayra Alvarado- Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ --- 2 Nephi 27:23 When we do not apply our faith we are jeopardizing the blessing that may come. Hebrews 11:1-3, 4-29 If we let our faith die, we die WITH our faith, and we are no longer heirs to the kingdom of God. Satan wants to remove the faith that once was in our hearts.
·        Br. Alfredo Montes- The Sabbath--- The most important day of the week. Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 31: 12-17, Nehemiah 10:31, Isaiah 58: 13,14
·        Br. Luis González- The Prophets of God---There are too many people living in spiritual darkness when it comes to the will of our Father in Heaven. We should feel fortunate and joyful for having a prophet nowadays. A prophet is a man called by God to be his representative here on earth. We do NOT choose him, but we do sustain him. D&C 1:38 A prophet teaches the truth and interprets the word of God. Mosiah 8:17 How can one know if someone is a true prophet? He is always chosen by God and called by due priesthood authority. We can strengthen the prophet, his counselors, apostles, seventies, etc., by praying for them. In this world of insecurity, we are highly blessed that a prophet guides us.
Sept 4, 2011
Sustainings: Ss. Chiri Laureano as assistant to librarian
Testimonies shared by:
·        Br. Manuel Cruz
·        Ss. Marcelina (Chiri) Laureano
·        Ss. Carmen Cruz
·        Br. Pagán
·        Ss. Omayra Alvarado
·        Me
·        Elder ___
·        Ss. Lynette Irizarry
·        Br. Ernesto Laureano- D&C 38:23-27
Oct. 2, 2011
General Conference

October 30, 2011 Missionary Sunday
Releases: Br. Ernesto Laureano as ward missionary leader
Sustainings: Br. Marcos Linares as ward missionary leader
Talks given by:
·        Ss. Aida Linares- Sacrifice- It used to be an ordinance of the gospel: animal sacrifice. It is now a principle: a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Romans 12:1 Only by means of daily sacrifice do we obtain eternal life. D&C 97:8
·        Br. Ray Alberto Rivera: Our Heavenly Father--- His name is Elohim. He is the father of our spirits. Ephesians4:6, Joseph Smith History 17, D&C 76: 21-24 He is:
o   Eternal: He was God before the world was created.
o   Merciful and benevolent
o   Immovable
o   Truthful
o   Is not a respecter of people
o   Is a loving God, with perfect intelligence and wisdom
§  Psalms 19:1, Genesis 1814, Matthew 6:8, 2 Nephi 2:24, Psalms 139:7-12, D&C 76: 116-118, Matthew 5:8
If we understand the nature of God, we will understand ourselves. When we finally understand his nature, He begins to manifest himself in all phases of our lives.

November 14, 2010-
November 28, 2010-
Ss. Montañez- Work and Personal Responsibility-
Genesis 3:19; Exodus 20:9; D&C 68:31; 1 Timothy 5:8; Do what you love and love what you do; Mosiah 2:17; D&C 75:29;
Br. Manuel Cruz-The Life of Jesus Christ-
Without Him the whole Plan of Salvation would have been a failure. We need to study the life of the Savior and keep His commandments in order to have a personal relationship with Him. D&C 93

Sept 19, 2010-
Br. Jorge Rosado-(Stake Young Men President)- Being Prepared Always Brings Blessings-
We should meditate on what we want to do. Every young man should get ready to serve a full-time mission. Everyone should prepare to go to the Temple. Clothing-1 Cor 3:16-17; activities, honesty, language, Exodus 20:7-
Br. Isabelo Rodriguez- Spoke about the importance of attending General Conference 
Dec. 19, 2010
Ss. Maritza Rivera- We Should Develop our Talents
Alma 13:1-3; Matthew 5:16
  • Pray to discover our talents.
  • Consider: What do I know how to do?
  • Ask friends & relatives/family for what they think our talents are
  • Spend time on talents
  • Take classes
  • Practice
  • Share talents with others
  • Persevere
  • Use our talents with wisdom
   Pres. Joseph F. Smith said that a talent is a stewardship.
Matthew 25:14-30; Matthew 16:27 

Ss. Marina Reyes-Sacrifice
Matthew 6:23; Moses 5:8; 3 Nephi 9:19,20; Matthew 19:29

Elder Ward-Faith
There are 2 kinds of faith. Simple faith & faith as the scriptures teach it.
James 2:17,22, faith that leads to action.Not just "believing", but also "doing" by faith.
Elder Boyd K. Packer told the story of a little girl who prayed  so that his brother wouldn't catch any sparrows in his trap, then went outside and kicked the trap and broke it. (She prayed and acted.) Elder Bednar said that we are "full-time searchers". Prayers become sincere when we pray with faith and then act upon that faith. This type of prayer and faith can be applied to everything. Alma 32:27-How to turn believing faith to acting faith.

 SEPT 27, 2010-
Ss. Braulia Hernandez-Repentance
->One of the first principles of the gospel, It occupies a central place in the plan of salvation. In order to repent, a person must ask for forgiveness of those wronged. Repentance is made possible through the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. --Alma 34:32-- 
Br. Marcos Linares- Obedience
->Matthew 22:36-40; John 14:21; D&C 76:5; D&C 58:26-29; Moses 5:5-10
October 10, 2010--Fast & Testimony Meeting
Nine members of the congregation bore their testimonies. 
Meetings are all out of order because I wrote them down on different notebooks, and I am not about to start searching back & forth for them... 8-P Besides, this is more for general information about Church meetings than for accurate chronology... 
Nov. 21, 2010
Stake Councilor Norman Lopez- Watching with all Perseverance 1 Nephi 26:31; 1 Nephi 13:37; 2 Nephi 31:20; 3 Nephi 15:7; D&C 63:20,47; D&C 14:6
Br. Juan C. Padilla- Perseverance in Patience- Patience requires effort. 
Dec. 5, 2010-Fast & Testimony Meeting
13 members shared their testimonies... 8-)
Dec. 12, 2010-
Ss. Marly Ann Diaz- Baptism
John 3:5; Mark 1:9; 2 Nephi 31:17; Ephesians 4:17-32; Moses 6:52-60 
Br. Carlos Rivera-The Organization of the Priesthood
Priesthood is the power and eternal authority of God. Through the Priesthood, the universe is kept in perfect order. The work of God is always closely related to the Priesthood. D&C 84:19-22; D&C 107:18; 65-67  The authority or power to come to pass the work of the Lord is what is known as the "keys" of the Priesthood. D&C 20:42; 107:10


For some time now I have been writing in a notebook all announcements & talks given each Sunday at Sacrament Meeting. Don't ask why. I just do. Now I don't know what to do with that...So....I guess I'll just post them here on the blog. It can be a good reference material, in case you are stuck for a Sunday talk. Please notice that the information & summaries might not make any sense. They are notes I take while listening to the talks. You can just read the scriptures, etc...So, check back from time to time. I'll be posting some titles, scripture references, etc. Hope you can benefit from them.
July 25, 2010
Ss. Rivera: The Woman in the Church
"Rise Up & Shine" D&C 115:5; Matthew 25:36-40; Matt 5:16; Let your light shine. Rise up & be a standard to the nations. John 19:25; Luke 24:20 (?); Alma 1; Mosiah 4:25; No matter what happens, charity never fails. Luke 24: 10; D&C 84:6; Rise up and come to Christ and bring others with you.John 20:15,16
Be an example of the believers. Matt 11:29; D&C 128:21-22; We are under God's command and fight for the cause of Zion. 4 Ne 1:28
Br. Hernández (He's 92 years old!):Self Reliance
We must be responsible of our duties. 1. Be responsible 2. Be hardworking. 3. Be honest. 4. Be obedient. Adam was the first man to be "scolded". We must be self reliant & independent. D&C 78:13-14 Being responsible over self, family, Church. 1 Tim 5:8 Being prudent in the administering of resources. Book "Come unto Me" Work for what we need. Man should help himself.  The importance of planting a garden. Flowers will not take hunger away.  The person who insists on living from the government & from alms, is violating the commandment of being hardworking and self sufficient. It is good to work. D&C 42:42; D&C 75:29
Aug. 8, 2010
Ss. I. Pérez: Our Heavenly Father
His name is Elohim. He is the father of our spirits. Mal.2:10; Gen. 18:14; Matt. 6:8; Psa. 139:7; Psa. 82:6; D&C 130:22; Gen. 1:27; Alma 30; John 3:16. Through prayer we come closer to Him & through the scriptures we know His mysteries.
Ss. E. Pérez: The Book of Mormon-Another Testament of Christ
It has been printed in 107 languages, more than 140 million copies. JSH 1:34; Ex. 28:30 Throughout the Church one on every 70 people speak Portuguese, and one in every 4 speak Spanish.
Br. L. Ortiz: The Commandments
Pres. Kimball: "Modern false gods deviate people from the ways to sanctity". Ex. 20:1-20
Aug. 15, 2010-Stake Conference
Elder Hugo MArtínez (Area Pers; Puertorican...8-) ); Pres. Jorge Alvarado (Mission Pres.; Puertorican too...8-D  )
Arecibo is now part of Toa Baja Stake. Héctor E. Alvarez, was released from being the bishop of the Bayamón ward, & called to be second counselor in the Toa Baja Stake.
Ss. L. Colón; YW Stake Pres.: Love
3 Ne. 27:27; John 13:15; Matt.22:36-39; Moroni 7:48
Hymn: combination of Army of Helaman & As Sisters in Zion...(gorgeous!!)
Ss. C. Cruz; Vega Baja ward RS Pres.: Service
She told the story of Pres. Spencer W. Kimball and the pregnant lady at the airport, how he helped her & years later he received a letter from a young missionary thanking him for helping his mother at that time, he was the child she was carrying.
Matt. 25:40; Mosiah 2:17; John 13:15
Ss. Martínez: Faith & Unity
Redwood tress (sequoia) have very shallow roots, however, strong winds do not affect them because those same shallow roots are intertwined, holding them sturdily down. We, as families & wards, should also have our roots braided together in love & faith.
Ss. C. Alvarado (Wife of the mission president):
Talked about: prayer, scriptures, going to bed early, being of good cheer, work hard, being aware of how we serve, not where we serve; share the gospel, love others as Jesus loves us. Shared her testimony.
Pres. Jorge Alvarado (Mission President): He talked about the role of families, following Christ.
Pres. Hugo Martínez (Area President):
D&C 76; The Lord's promises; obtaining and applying knowledge; 1 Peter 1; being diligent, being constant & corageous; John 17:3
Elder Viñas; The gospel of Christ is His doctrine. 3 Nephi 11:28-41; To halt progression is a form of condemnation. To be condemned is to lose the blessings & opportunities one has as one progresses. 3 Nephi 27:3; A way of eliminating contention is by teaching the doctrine of Christ. 3 Ne 27:13, D&C 10:62-63, Alma 34; No one turns meek until his sins have been forgiven. Sins cannot be forgiven until there is true repentance.

August 29, 2010
Elder Obbiat: Honesty
Alma 53:20; Alma 27:27; Pres. Brigham Young taught that to obtain salvation one must be honest. 1 John 2:4; Jacob 5:61
Elder____ (I didn't get his name): The Power of the Priesthood
2 Nephi 2:14,16; 2 Ne.31:20
We create our own hell...
Elder Martínez: "Every Member a Missionary" (Pres. David O. McKay)
D&C 18:10,15 Our examples, both good and bad, drag those around us to follow.

September 5, 2010
Fast & Testimony meeting


September 12, 2010
Ss. C. Cruz (ward Relief Society pres.)- Service
Works & favors to God & our neighbor. Matt.25:40; Mos. 2:17; 3 Nephi 27:21; John 13:15
Ss. R. Linares (young woman)- Charity
1 Corinthians 13:1-8; Moroni 7:46,47; Luke 10:30-37; D&C 121:45
Br. R. Alvarado (Elders quorum counselor)- Tithing
Tithing is both a challenge & a blessing. We should pay our tithing willingly. D&C 64:23