Thursday, June 30, 2011


Not that it isn't hot enough here in Puerto Rico, but I enjoy dehydrating stuff. I mean, fruit. Here I share with you pictures of my dehydrator full with bananas from our backyard. Yumm!!! Since it is so humid here, they need to stay on for a few hours longer than it would be needed somewhere else. I also flip them every six or seven hours, so that they won't stick to the plastic rack as they dry. 8-P

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Up on my soapbox...

I usually keep my thoughts to myself, that's why writing this blog has always been so difficult for me. Today, however, I don't have a problem... I am getting SICK & TIRED of people's rudeness!! Have the phrases, "please", "excuse me" and "thank you" been erased from our language? Yielding to a pedestrian would merit a "thank you" because otherwise I would run you over. Exactly! Because people cross the streets as if they belonged to them, or if they had a license plate stuck on their behinds! 

The same with people inside stores. Hey, just because you have a shopping cart doesn't mean you can zoom by in between aisles without even a short "'scuse me". Come on!!! Common courtesy!!! If I am looking at something on a rack, and you have your cart and want to cross to the other side of the aisle, just say "excuse me, please", and I will gladly give way for you. But don't just push your cart and expect me to move over because you're the king or queen of the store! And after I let you through, not even a smile or a "thanks". 

Maybe I'm getting old and stuff like this bothers me more than before, or maybe it is happening more often than before. In any case, I would like to see and hear people use courtesy phrases more often. You can't be too courteous! But you can be plenty rude!!! 

So there! I'll put my soapbox back in the corner where it was. And by the way, thank you for listening... 8-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Take it easy...

That's what my hubby & I do on Saturdays. He usually gets up before I wake-up, feeds the horses, and sometimes goes to El Mesón, to have breakfast. Other times, he waits for me to wake-up, we go to have breakfast together, and then he goes to the gym while I go visit my mom. THEN, the adventure begins. We get home, he takes a shower, sometimes we take a nap, and off we go!!! By then we are hungry, so we have to find a place to eat. And for that, we go inland! Here are some pictures of some of the places we have been to.
This is a "lechonera" in Barceloneta. A lechonera is a very common place in Puerto Rico where you go and eat roast pork, usually cooked on a stick, on top of charcoal.
This place is in Orocovis, on top of a mountain. My husband RARELY goes back to a place. We have been here twice, and are looking forward to returning!
This was my plate, mofongo de churrasco. heavenly!!!!!!!!!!

My hubby's; mofongo con costillitas.

Dessert!!!!!! 8-)
  And so, my friends, this is how we spend Saturdays. I am seriously thinking of changing the name of this blog to "Mormoneater", instead of Mormonknitter. hehe