Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...On Being an Artisan...

Last Friday I went again to this hospital where every Friday is held an artisan fair. This time, it was NOT a good day. I have to pay US$25.00 for having my table set up on the hospital lobby. Parking was $2.00 for the whole day. I only sold a cellphone cozy for $4.00. Total profits? -$23.00 On top of that, I forgot to take a chair with me, and I had to spend the whole day standing or sitting on one of the suitcases...not comfortable. Oh, well....that's an artisan's life, I guess. The last week of this month there's going to be a fair at the outlet mall. I'm betting that one is going to go way better. You have to admit, at a hospital people are not in the mood of buying stuff. Not even for a newborn baby... And speaking of newborns, we have another pair of twin lambs...two girls. MEGA CUTE!!!! 8-) I'll post pics soon. I'll talk to you more later. Thanks to all visitors & my followers. You are so kind!!!!!! 8-)

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