Monday, June 20, 2011

Take it easy...

That's what my hubby & I do on Saturdays. He usually gets up before I wake-up, feeds the horses, and sometimes goes to El Mesón, to have breakfast. Other times, he waits for me to wake-up, we go to have breakfast together, and then he goes to the gym while I go visit my mom. THEN, the adventure begins. We get home, he takes a shower, sometimes we take a nap, and off we go!!! By then we are hungry, so we have to find a place to eat. And for that, we go inland! Here are some pictures of some of the places we have been to.
This is a "lechonera" in Barceloneta. A lechonera is a very common place in Puerto Rico where you go and eat roast pork, usually cooked on a stick, on top of charcoal.
This place is in Orocovis, on top of a mountain. My husband RARELY goes back to a place. We have been here twice, and are looking forward to returning!
This was my plate, mofongo de churrasco. heavenly!!!!!!!!!!

My hubby's; mofongo con costillitas.

Dessert!!!!!! 8-)
  And so, my friends, this is how we spend Saturdays. I am seriously thinking of changing the name of this blog to "Mormoneater", instead of Mormonknitter. hehe

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