Friday, October 22, 2010

About a trip coming up...

ok, so my hubby & I are going to Washington, DC this coming week. He has meetings with federal people over there, and I am going to enjoy DC in the fall. I have to admit it, heck, I have never denied it! I love DC!!!!!!!! I love the monuments, the museums, the celebrations, etc. The more I go, the more I love it...8-) get ready for that wonderful trip, I crocheted myself a cowl (no pics yet because I can't find my camera...8-( I already have a hat and some fingerless gloves. I also have some berets & scarves. The good thing about all this is that, once I come back to PR, I can unravel everything and use the yarn all over again...hehe This time I plan on going to the Discovery building, the National Geographic museum, the Holocaust museum, the National Cathedral, the Vietnam wall, and of course, the Washington,DC LDS Temple. That, is the highlight of the trip. I can't get enough pictures of the place, & going through is such an experience that can only be compared with Heaven itself. So, if any of you is in DC next week, and spot a Puertorican with all her knitted/crocheted stuff on, that's probably me! So come and say hi, I will probably look at you wierd, but if you identify yourself as a follower of my blog, I'll mellow down. hehe

See you there!

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