Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brand new babies...8-)

Last month one of our ewes gave birth to what my hubby & I consider to be a preemie lamb. Yup, a preemie!! She was born on Feb. 7. Usually, all our moms give birth by the end of February. This little one was so tiny, it couldn't reach up to suckle. Poor thing!!!! I immediately declared, "my sheep gave birth to a chihuahua!!" She was the size of a 20 oz. bottle of water....hehe

So I have been nurturing the microscopic sheep, named her Rosita, and she is thriving! So cute! 

Like the headband I made for her?

After that, our oldest mom gave birth to a humongous lamb!!! Quite a contrast! Look at the size of those legs!! Huge!She is not being herself, she has diarrhea, and is not eating very well, though, and I am afraid I'll end up nurturing this one as well...

I'll let you know some more as time goes by.
Have a fun day! 

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