Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey, there!!!

Spring is here and so the new lambs, as you can see from my previous posts... The one who was born the latest, Patrick, needs to be nurtured also. His mom is a wonderful mom, but I think there is something wrong with him. He seems to have a tiny hernia right next to his belly button. BTW, he lost the piece of umbilical cord way too soon. He tries to suckle from his momma, but it's as if he didn't know how. And he's already a week old!! Today, his momma has "adopted" the other two babies I posted about, and has ignored this one...I guess I'll have to bring him inside the house and keep him until he gets bigger...poor Patrick!

I have also been uploading some pictures to Picasa, please feel free to hop over & take a look at them. 8-)
Gotta go now check on baby Patrick. Rosita & Baby Huey are doing fine, as is Patricia. 

Hug someone today!!!!

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