Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...on turning 50...

Not me, I still have a few months to go. My husband turned 50 yesterday. Wow! We have been together, including our dating years, for over 30 years! Time does fly! The thing is, I don't remember "growing to be 50." We met on our second day at the ROTC, on our fourth day of college. No biggie! Our professor, Cpt. Vega, had randomly chosen the first and last names of the student list to be the class leader and the assistant class leader. Those names "happened" to be mine and his. His was the first, mine the last. So I was appointed class leader.

The day we actually met, two days later, I asked him, "do you know who this so and so is?", and he told me it was he. We had to work together to plan class activities, PE's, and things like that. That was on August of 1979. By April of next year we were going steady. The rest, as they say (I have never known who "they" are) is history. We were both 18 when we met. Well, actually, I turned 18 about a month later.

Now, 30+ years later, I love him more than ever. 

I remember reading a story with my sixth grade students. It was titled "Eleven", by Sandra Cisneros. In it, the girl who tells the story is turning 11, and she says that it doesn't feel any different from being 10. Well, I guess it's the same whether you are 11 or 50. It doesn't feel any different...or so my hubby said. It's not like you suddenly get more gray hairs, or more wrinkles... it's just another day. It so happens that on that day, you add one to your birthdays... and you can apply for AARP...hehe

So, I'll let you know what 50 will feel like to me. And maybe you can tell me what turning whichever age you are felt to you.

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