Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cleaning House Time... 8-/

Today is cleaning house time. My hubby's niece's daughter is having her 6th birthday at our house. Her idea. We didn't know anything until her dad went to pick up her report card at school (she's in Kindergarten, mind you) and the teacher told him that all the kids in her class were so excited about her birthday party..."What birthday party?" asked her dad. "Her party on January! She's invited all the kids to her uncle's house (my husband), and she's even said they are going to have inflatables!" (!!!!!) "Really?" asked her dad. So now we were bound by her word (!!!!!!) to have a birthday party and invite her friends. But her mom was smart and invited the relatives, and a few kids from school... No more than 8... That's plenty... 8-) Relatives are better: mostly adults, non-drinkers, non-smokers, very happy bunch of guys. 
So, the little miss's official birthday is today, but we have been reparing the house for two weeks now: trimming trees, pressure washing the backyard and front yard, windows and screens cleaning, painting the outside of the house, polishing the outside floor tiles, etc.... I don't want to see what her ideas will be for her sweet 15th! 
The party is this Sunday, Three Kings' Day's Eve. We are expecting about 100 people; and rain. 8-( Not a good idea... 
Oh, well. We'll see what happens then. I'll keep you all posted.
Bye 8-) 

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