Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Scorcher of a Day!

Here in tropical Puerto Rico, temperatures are always in the 80's-ish. These past few days, however, it has been SUPER-UNCOMFORTABLY HOT! Right now, my Weather Channel desktop thingy says temp 91, feels like 106, humidity at 66%. Yesterday I drank at least a gallon of water throughout the day, yet didn't go to the bathroom at all. I just sweated it all out! My poor shee must be melting. Good thing they 'molted' their wool. Poor things! Now, I have to say one thing to Charles Darwin & his evolution theory. Sheep don't evolve! And they don't learn either! In this terrible heat, you find them grazing (happily?) out in the pasture, when they could be (or should be) under the tons of trees that would provide shade. I don't know...not very smart, I guess. So yesterday I provoked a yarn explosion in order to find the hammock that I started about a year ago. I found it! Now, my idea is to include plarn with the rug yarn, to make it more durable. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'll also include a pic. Back to the explosion. There was yarn all over my family room & my little hallway to the backyard. It was a lovely sight! However, since I don't live alone, & my husband doesn't understand the intricacies of yarn, I had to hurriedly hide everyting back before he came home from work. So, now, I'm demessing some cotton yarn, & working on the hammock, plus trying to play house when all I really want is to vegetate in front of my yarn. That's life. Take care... 8-)

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